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Marriage Application

Marriage Application Non-Citizen Silver

Marriage Application for Non-Citizen

At this time, are both applicants age 18 or older?*
At this time, has a divorce been granted to either applicant within the last 60 days?*

Wedding Date and Time

At what time and date do you wish to be married? Please note that any time outside of our business hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm MST) may be subject to an additional appointment fee of $99.
Appointment Time*
Appointment Date*
Your Full Name*
Fiance Full Name*

Marriage Certificate Delivery Details

To whom should we send the marriage certificate? We can only send one copy, but the email address listed will receive an electronic copy.
Name of Recipient*

Additional Details

Do You Require Witnesses?*
There must be 2 witnesses at your wedding. Should you need witnesses we can provide them:
Do You Wish to be Married Online Within 24 Hours?*
I Certify and Declare*
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Utah that the information I have provided on this marriage license application form is true and correct. I also declare that I am not under duress, nor am I under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
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