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How It Works

How Utah Online Weddings Work

The wedding process is completely online, safe, and fast! The get your legal marriage certificate, process takes 2 to 3 days to complete (depending upon your location and paperwork needed). Your marriage is legal, binding and recognized in all 50 US states.

Here’s How Easy Online Weddings Work

  1. Complete a 4 question eligibility questionnaire (this helps determine if you’re able to use our wedding officiant service)
  2. Complete your online application and make your payment
  3. Complete your marriage license online. You’ll need to provide current and valid I.D. (state/province issued ID card, government issued drivers license or passport)
  4. Complete the ceremony – in as little as 15 minutes!

In Home Marry put this FAQ together to help answer some of the most common question about getting married online. We hope this solves any question you have about marrying online, but if you have any other questions not answered here, please complete the form below.

Our wedding officiants are ready to help you. We’ve been providing online wedding services for some time now and believe that having all the answers helps to make a more informed decision, especially when it’s a life decision like getting married!

  • What is required for legal marriage ceremonies?

    What is required for legal marriage ceremonies are two authorized witnesses and an officiant.

  • We are in different countries, can we still get married?

    Yes! You can get a legal US marriage license using our secure video conferencing system allows you, your fiance, your guests and our officiant to see and hear the ceremony.

  • Who can use online wedding services?

    People that can use online wedding service are those whose marriage is not forbidden by US law (think related…). There are no residency or citizenship requirements, and same sex couples can also be married online.

  • Do all states in the US recognize our online weddings service?

    All states in the United States recognize the online wedding service that InHomeMarry provides.

  • How long is the process to get married online?

    The time it takes to get married online is roughly 2 days, barring there are no paperwork issues. If all parties have their paperwork ready and start on a Monday through Wednesday, we can often have the marriage officiated within 1 day.

  • Do we have to appear in person to get our marriage license?

    No, your marriage license can be applied for online, 24/7/365, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Will our marriage certificate say that we got married online?

    No, your marriage certificate will not say that you got married online. It is a standard marriage certificate from Utah and is recognized anywhere in the world.

  • What’s the difference between an online wedding and a proxy wedding?

    An online wedding, the service we provide, requires that both the bride and groom appear (over Zoom) and marriage vows are heard and recorded. A proxy wedding affords someone else stands in for the bride or groom.

  • Will other countries recognize our marriage?

    Most countries do recognize marriage performed outside of their borders. You will have all of the necessary legal paperwork to prove you are indeed married. Some countries require an Apostille document which we can help provide.

  • How much does the wedding service cost?

    The wedding service cost varies from $299 to $699 There are two programs to choose from depending on US citizenship or International customer. Considering the average cost of a wedding is up to $33k, an online wedding is a fantastic alternative!

  • What device should we use for the ceremony?

    You’ll need a device which allows video communications and decent internet speeds (since we’ll be using video). This can be a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer with a camera and audio.


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