How To Marry From Home or Anywhere in the World

Feel the pinch of planning a wedding in these social distancing times? Don’t worry! Here are some ideas to make your home wedding remarkable. Decor, catering – you can get it all without leaving home. Make it an unforgettable day!


The global pandemic has changed the way we carry out our daily activities, including marriage. Home weddings and virtual marriages have become popular. But how do you plan and execute a successful home wedding? In this article, we’ll explore ways to make your home wedding intimate and special, even during these challenging times.


To have a successful virtual wedding, pre-planning is essential. Here are some tips to marry from home:

  1. Pick a day and time for your virtual wedding.
  2. Think of a wedding theme and create a mood board.
  3. Select a platform and make sure all guests have access and login details.
  4. Find a wedding officiant who is licensed in your location.
  5. Decide which rituals, readings, or vows you’ll include and customize them.
  6. Arrange a photographer or videographer to capture your day and share the login details.

Pro Tip: Run a tech rehearsal with your officiant and readers to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your virtual wedding.

Choosing the Venue

The pandemic has made ‘at-home’ weddings a trend. To make it special, pick the perfect venue! Here are some tips to help you:

  • Decide if you want an indoor, outdoor or both type of ceremony.
  • Choose a space that you know – like your backyard, balcony, living room or some other area.
  • Think about the seating and space needed for activities like dancing and dining.
  • Look for a tranquil spot with a beautiful backdrop – one that captures the essence of your wedding.
  • Check if the venue is wheelchair friendly and if there is parking for guests.
  • Pro Tip: Select a place that amplifies your joy and excitement!

Inviting Guests

Hosting a virtual wedding can be tricky, but with the correct set-up and communication, it can be a memorable experience for all. Here are some tips for matrimony from home and making your virtual wedding a success:

  1. Pick the ideal platform: Select a video-conferencing platform with good audio and video quality that can fit your guests.
  2. Send out Save-the-Dates: Post digital save-the-dates or invitations prior, including the date and time, dress code, and instructions to join the virtual ceremony.
  3. Test your setup: Do a test run of your video and audio setup to avoid technical glitches during the ceremony.
  4. Hire a virtual wedding planner: Hire a virtual wedding planner to coordinate the logistics and make a smooth virtual event for your guests.
  5. Personalize your ceremony: Include personal touches to your virtual ceremony, like virtual backgrounds or messages for each guest.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to record your virtual ceremony so you can share it with people who couldn’t attend in real-time.

Decorating the Venue

In the midst of a pandemic, many couples now prefer to wed at home. This doesn’t mean the special day has to be any less amazing. Decorating the venue is key to creating the perfect atmosphere. Here are some tips to make your home wedding unforgettable:

  1. Bring nature in: Flowers, greenery and rocks add a natural feel.
  2. Get romantic lighting: Use string lights, candles or lanterns to create a cozy vibe.
  3. Make it personal: Incorporate items that are meaningful or represent you both.
  4. Don’t forget the details: Table runners and centerpieces will make the décor memorable.

With some creativity and attention to detail, you can transform your home into a fairytale setting!

Hiring Vendors

In the midst of a pandemic, many people are now choosing to tie the knot at home. To ensure a successful and stress-free wedding day, hiring vendors is essential.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Establish how many guests will attend, the theme and the date & time.
  2. Research vendors, compare services, prices & reviews.
  3. Interview them & ask for references before signing any deal.
  4. Have a detailed contract that outlines services, fees & cancellation policies.
  5. Consider getting rental companies (furniture, linens, etc.), catering & porta-potties.

Pro tip: Hire a wedding planner to help with vendor selection & coordination. They’ll take care of the logistics, arrive on time & make sure everything runs smoothly – providing much needed peace of mind!

Wedding Day Activities

Virtual weddings are becoming more popular. Here are some fresh ideas to make your at-home wedding fun and memorable!

  1. Have a virtual reception with your beloved ones who cannot attend. Hire a DJ or make a custom wedding playlist to dance to.
  2. Prepare a special meal with your partner. Cook together or order from a restaurant.
  3. Personalize your vows, decor, and attire to make the ceremony unique.
  4. Set up a virtual photo booth for your guests. They can take pictures and share them online.

Pro Tip: Invest in decor and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

Post-Wedding Activities

Post-wedding activities? Absolutely essential! Here’re the top five to do with your spouse from the comfort of home.

  1. Cook up something special together. A fun and intimate activity for couples. Plan, get ingredients and cook together.
  2. Movie night! Cuddle up and watch romantic comedies or movies you couldn’t watch while planning for the big day.
  3. Virtual tour! Travel to exotic locations, museums or zoos. Observe and learn new things.
  4. Board games! Quality time, bonding and relaxation.
  5. Write letters! Express your love and exchange heartfelt letters.

Enjoy these activities and you’ll find married life is as exciting and adventurous at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find potential partners to marry from home?

A: There are several online dating websites and apps you can use to find potential partners to marry from the comfort of your own home. You can also join virtual events or groups that align with your interests to meet like-minded individuals.

Q: How do I conduct a virtual date with someone I’ve never met?

A: You can conduct a virtual date with someone you’ve never met by using video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype. Plan ahead by choosing a comfortable location, dressing appropriately, and preparing some discussion topics beforehand.

Q: How can I build a strong relationship with someone I’ve met online?

A: Building a strong relationship with someone you’ve met online takes time and effort. Communication is key, so make sure to schedule frequent virtual dates and stay in touch regularly. It’s also important to maintain trust and honesty in your interactions with each other.

Q: How can I evaluate whether someone is the right person for me?

A: It’s important to have open and honest conversations with your potential partner to evaluate whether they are the right fit for you. You can discuss your values, goals, and expectations for a relationship to determine if you are compatible.

Q: How can I prepare for a virtual wedding ceremony?

A: If you plan on having a virtual wedding ceremony, there are several things you can do to prepare. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, choose an appropriate location, and plan out the logistics of the ceremony with your partner and officiant.

Q: How can I legally marry someone from home?

A: The legal requirements for marrying someone from home vary depending on your location. It’s important to research and follow the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. You may need to obtain a marriage license or have your ceremony officiated by a registered official.